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LENGTEK Industrial Co.,Ltd

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Lengtek Industrial Co., Ltd represents over 20 years of technical and experiences in production & trade service of the ventilation, refrigeration and airconditioning industry. Here you will find about the best quality with cost-effective products we sell and learn more about our sincere services.

Lengtek is making the efforts to inform its current and potential clients of the latest market situation and most reliable products in this field. Welcome all the esteemed companies and guests from the world. Friendly & long cooperation is our strategy; Quality control is our life & Good faith is our soul, care for you forever.

  1. КИТАЙ
  1. 1991
  2. Производители
  1. lengtek_kevin-hvac@yahoo.com.cn
  2. lengtek.com
  3. Shanghai City, China
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  1. Продаю HVAC запасных частей
  2. 23.10.2012
  3. Продам
  4. ACR&R Accessories: Copper & brass Fittings, connectors, Valves, Filter Driers, Thermostats, ...

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